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Non-custodial secret Recovery and Inheritance Protocol

Manage your crypto secrets securely and conveniently that help you or your beneficiaries to claim crypto assets without intermediaries.

Why Safient?

Have you ever wondered how will you recover or pass on your valuable crypto assets, secret instructions to your loved ones in case of an unfortunate event, or what happens when you no longer have access to your unsafe secret backup ?

Worry no more, Safient protocol will help you securely manage all the critical information in a non-custodial way and help recover or inherit the assets so that your loved ones have access to them with 100 % surety at the right time, even incase of any tragic event.


What makes Safient special?


Secure Safes

Backup your secrets on Safes that are secured by robust cryptography techniques and data stores.


Convenient Claimable Safes

The safes are recovered by the beneficiaries only after the pre-specified claim conditions are met.


Trustless Protocol

Safes are guarded by trustless guardians and arbitrators to ensure the highest degree of resilience

Our Solutions

We are here to solve the onboarding and inheritance problems of self-custody 🤗. Here are the solutions that are built on top of Safient Protocol to make that happen.


Non-custodial claimable Wallets

A crypto wallet solution for easy self recovery and Inheritance.


Create your Contract Account and unleashed the true power of Account Abstraction

Forget Seedphrases. Recover your wallet with your designated Recovery Contacts. Designed to be future censorship resistant and free from third party control with ERC-4337

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Safient Resources

Safient is for everyone. May it be end users, 3rd party tools and services or institutions. Checkout the resources or reachout to us.



Safient maintains resources to help developers integrate their applications to seamlessly interact with safes using our SDKs.

Safient Developer Docs



We are working on a variety of non custodial crypto assets recovery and inheritance services on top of Safient protocol such as Safient Wallet and Safient Safes.

Checkout Safient Wallet



We are working on our enterprise edition to integrate with the existing crypto exchanges and custodial wallet services in a much more scalable way.

Contact us for Enterprise Edition

Web3 Stacks that make this happen


Filecoin + Textile Buckets

Ensures that the safes are avaliable all the time.

Textile ThreadDB

Store all the public, verifiable metadata on a p2p database.

Ceramic IDX

Acts as an identity solution for each Safient user.

Magic Link

Allows Safient users to authenticate to the application without a traditional username/ password or without having to install any Crypto wallets.

Frequently asked Questions

Who should use safient?


Where is the safe information stored?


Can the beneficiary access the safe information?


Does the beneficiary get to know what assets are stored?


Can I update the safe?


Can I delete the safe?



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